1. Introduction

A short description of our 2 years history.
Turin Labs is a Web3-based solutions ecosystem with a clear vision: to help people to become financially free.
To fulfil that mission, Turin Labs creates financial and DeFi products to bring liquidity to crypto through different blockchains and layers, launching products that help people to live better.
Turin Labs launches in 2022 the $TURIN token, a utility token to let our community of users and customers unlock the full potential of our products and services. The $TURIN token brings the stickiness users need to get crossed profits between the different products.
The company is 100% compliant with UE regulations and is waiting for the official registration as a custody cryptocurrencies provider for Banco de España.
Turin Labs was founded in march 2020, just 2 days before the great pandemic restrictions, having raised a seed round of $200k (at a $2.3M valuation) from Tutellus community through an equity token ($TEQ) in October 2020. The company also received rights over a $250k non-refundable grant by CDTI, the public entity that helps R&D companies to develop tech and products. It will be fully liquid in 2023.