3. Business Model

We create an environment where all stakeholders get profits from using the $TURIN.
The goal of the business model is to empower the Community through the $TURIN token, letting it capture value from different sources and be used as the best way to get more benefits from products, from paying fewer fees to accessing functionality.

3.1. Stakeholders

Stakeholders and entities in the Turin Labs ecosystem are:
  1. 1.
    Users: people who use the company's products, like TurinWallet, TurinPool or TurinPay. They use the token to pay fewer fees, and the more they interact with our products and community, the more tokens they can get.
  2. 2.
    Companies: clients who pay the company for certain services, such as to be tokenized and listed in TurinPool.
  3. 3.
    Merchants: companies who implement some of our products, like TurinPay. We don't charge them.
  4. 4.
    LPs / Liquidity providers: holders who reinforce the protocol by adding liquidity (TURIN+WBTC) in the farming pool.
Different stakeholders who make financial transactions (fiat or tokens)

3.2. How it works

The $TURIN token captures value from the different products due to its usability, starting with TurinPool.
The $TURIN token is the natural crypto asset you can use to benefit from the full ecosystem. We apply the same strategy Binance did before launching the BNB token: to create and launch the products, and once they are alive we introduce the token, to let the community pay fewer fees and get more rewards:
  • TurinPool: 20% of trading fees go directly to buying $TURIN tokens and burning them.
  • TurinWallet: instead of paying up to 2% volume in fees, if you are a SuperTURIN user (+50.000 $xTURIN) you save up to 30% of costs.
  • TurinPay: instead of paying 2% volume in fees, if you are a SuperTURIN user (+50.000 $xTURIN) you save up to 30% of costs.
  • TurinPay for merchants: the service is free, but if you want to unlock the full Dashboard features, you need a minimum staking level (TBA).
The $TURIN token will be integrated progressively into our product portfolio during 2024, so the more users and products we have, the more value it will accrue.

3.3. Synthetic staking

The staking contract in the $TURIN protocol is based on $xTURIN, the synthetic token that represents the fees generated in the DAPP.
The $xTURIN is the token we generate to share the protocol fees between holders, depending on locking time. The more time you block your $TURIN (between 3-24m), the more $xTURIN you generate. Fees are distributed each epoch (monthly), attending to the next conditions:
DAPP > Swap > buying $TURIN
DAPP > Swap > selling $TURIN
DAPP > Farming > withdraw
20% (0 days) to 1% (180 days)
DAPP > claim rewards
TurinWallet > send BTC
TurinWallet > withdraw BTC
TurinPay > receive BTC
TurinPay > withdraw BTC
Also, the $xTURIN token determines your user level, being able to pay less fees depending on it:
For more than 50.000 $xTURIN, you get SuperTurin >> you get a 30% discount on product fees, starting in TurinPool.

Why are you interested in staking $TURIN?

  1. 1.
    You receive protocol fees in each epoch. The more xTURIN you have, the more fees you receive.
  2. 2.
    You get (with +50.000 xTURIN) the SuperTurin level, paying fewer fees for all the products.