FAQs about TurinWallet
What is TurinWallet and how is it different from other mobile wallets?
With the help of the Lightning Network, non-technical users can purchase, receive, and send instant bitcoin payments using the mobile app TurinWallet. It includes an on-ramp solution from fiat, allowing users to fund the wallet with their credit/debit card or from another Bitcoin/LN wallet, and it holds the BTC in a stablecoin (e€ or e$) to prevent volatility. TurinWallet distinguishes itself from other mobile wallets thanks to its incredibly user-friendly interface, on-ramp fiat solution, BTC holding in a stablecoin, Lightning Network infrastructure, and regulatory compliance.
e = equivalent to
(e€ and e$) what are they?
This is just a shorthand way of saying that your money will always be in satoshis with the special distinction of always remaining pegged to USD or EUR. Therefore, "e" stands for "equivalent to."
Can I fund my TurinWallet with my credit/debit card?
Yes, you can fund your TurinWallet in just 2 clicks using a credit or debit card.
How does TurinWallet prevent volatility?
TurinWallet converts your $BTC into a stable Euro or stable Dollar equivalence, so if you fund 50€ in $BTC to TurinWallet, you will always have 50€ in BTC in TurinWallet. There is no volatility.
How does TurinWallet use the Lightning Network?
The Lightning Network, which supports free and instantaneous transactions worldwide, is used for all TurinWallet transactions.
Is TurinWallet compliant with regulations?
TurinWallet performs KYC/AML on all its users, and the company is in the process of being registered with the Bank of Spain as an official custody cryptocurrency provider.
Where can I get TurinWallet?
TurinWallet is now available to download on IOS and Android devices.
Last modified 1yr ago