TurinPool is an AMM built over the Polygon network and focused on security/equity tokens. A new way to bring liquidity to your company, letting founders and investors create markets for their shares in a decentralized way through liquidity pools, and 100% compliance with UE and Spanish regulations.

TurinPool is, until now, the most complex product we've developed, having changed of Blockchain (from Blockstream's Liquid to Polygon) due to the limitations of the first one. We are on track to launch in Q1 2024.

TurinPool is a distinctive product in the DeFi landscape with a unique value proposition:

  • It lets companies (SL / LLC) tokenize economic rights over their shares in a 100% regulatory & compliant way (KYC/AML), allowing them to bootstrap liquidity like listed companies.

  • It lets founders and investors to sell their tokens through liquidity pools, cashing them instantly.

  • It lets companies to be funded & capitalized, getting cash against their tokens.

  • It solves the security and privacy issues (RGPD) companies need to comply in Europe, at the same time in a transparent work as crypto is.

  • TurinPool will definitively create a huge secondary market for the companies that use the product, getting them to be funded and founders to get liquidity in a decentralized way (to AMM / CEX).

Our vision for TurinPool is to become the default platform chosen by SMEs all over the world to make their cap tables liquid, bringing on board the right investors for them instantly and seamlessly.

The $TURIN token will be integrated into TurinPool, letting investors and companies pay lower fees if they swap them for $TURIN tokens.

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