TurinWallet is a mobile app designed for muggles to buy, receive and send instant bitcoin payments (through Lightning Network). The product holds your BTC in a stablecoin (eā‚¬ or e$) to prevent volatility, and includes an on-ramp solution from fiat: you can charge your wallet with your credit/debit card or from other Bitcoin/LN wallet.

TurinWallet has five differential elements that make it special:

  • An extremely easy-to-use APP, designed for people with no experience in crypto: we want the product to be used by the mainstream.

  • The on-ramp fiat solution: you can charge your wallet from your credit/debit card, frictionless. Just 2 clicks and you already own BTC.

  • The BTC holding in a stablecoin: if you charge 50ā‚¬ in BTC to TurinWallet, you will always have 50ā‚¬ in BTC in TurinWallet: there is no volatility. We convert your BTC in a stable Euro (eā‚¬) or stable Dolar (e$). And when you want to pay or transfer your 50ā‚¬ outside TurinWallet, you do it again in BTC (at the price in that moment).

  • The Lightning Network infrastructure: all TurinWallet transactions stays in Bitcoin layer 2. It's in real-time and it is free. You can send, receive and pay BTC worldwide, free, forever.

  • The regulatory scenario: TurinWallet makes KYC/AML of all its users, and the company did the process to be listed in the Bank of Spain as an official custody cryptocurrency provider.

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