FAQs about TurinPay
What is TurinPay and how does it work for merchants?
TurinPay is a full API solution that enables merchants, both offline and online, to receive bitcoin payments in real-time (through the Lightning Network) and for free. With a simple integration and an always-free-model for the merchant, they can interact with more consumers worldwide without delays, borders, or costs.
How can I incorporate TurinPay into my online store or payment system?
Integrating TurinPay is simple, with just 2 clicks you can add a button to "Pay with Bitcoin-LN" and start receiving more sales and payments. Learn more about it here: https://www.turinlabs.com/turinpay
Is there a Woocommerce plugin?
Yes! Businesses can now add the plugin using our API and start receiving lightning payments right away. Check it out here TurinPay API
How much does TurinPay cost merchants?
It costs nothing to operate and use.
How does TurinPay generate revenue?
Merchants and businesses are not billed. Only a small fee will be applied by TurinPay to the customer-to-merchant transaction.
What is Turinpay.me?
This service will allow users to receive payments on the Lightning Network. People and businesses will be able to create customized profiles and create invoices easily.
Check it out at: Turinpay.me
How do I get paid using Turinpay.me?
Simply share your QR code or customized payment link. Whatever fits best.