FAQs about TurinPool

What is TurinPool and how does it differ from other DeFi platforms?

TurinPool is an AMM built over the Polygon network and focused on security/equity tokens. It allows companies to bring liquidity to their company, creating markets for shares in a decentralized way through liquidity pools and 100% compliance with EU and Spanish regulations. TurinPool is unique in the DeFi landscape with its ability to tokenize economic rights over shares in a compliant and regulated manner.

What problem does TurinPool solve?

To SMEs and small businesses, we offer liquidity in the form of equity and support them in achieving their financial objectives.

How does TurinPool enable companies to tokenize economic rights over their shares?

TurinPool enables businesses to tokenize economic rights over their shares in a fully regulated and compliant manner, allowing founders and investors to use liquidity pools to create decentralized markets for their shares.

Is TurinPool compliant with EU and Spanish regulations?

Yes, TurinPool is 100% compliant with European and Spanish regulations.

If I invest in a TurinPool vault, do I actually own the shares?

No, you don't have political rights over the shares; you only have economic ones. Political rights can’t be tokenized.

If I’m a company, how can I tokenize my shares?

If you're interested in finding out more about our payment solutions and tokenizing assets to increase liquidity, connect with us on Twitter or send an email to mcaballero@turinlabs.com.

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