Frequented Asked Questions about our products

TurinLabs & $TURIN token

How does the TurinLabs ecosystem work?
  • Users can hold TURIN tokens to use the company's products and pay less fees.
  • TURIN tokens are used to access benefits from the full ecosystem, similar to Binance's BNB token.
  • TURIN tokens can be used to save up to 75% on fees for products such as TurinWallet and TurinPay.
  • There is also a referral program where users can earn profits by bringing friends to the company's products.
What is the $TURIN token and how is it used in TurinLabs products?
The $TURIN token is a utility token that allows our community of users and customers to unlock the full potential of our products and services. The $TURIN token is used in all our products as a way to get more benefits, such as paying fewer fees or accessing unique functionalities.
What are the benefits of using the $TURIN token across our products?
Using the $TURIN token with TurinPay, TurinWallet and TurinPool provides benefits such as earning tokens as a reward system for final customers and for merchants to unlock premium functionalities, and also pay fewer fees.
How does the token capture value?
Our products will add value to the $TURIN token: partnerships, integrations, and a growing user base. You can read more about it here:
How can I get $TURIN tokens?
Tokens are available to swap on TurinLabs Dapp. Keep in mind that the more convenient way to swap for $TURIN tokens is to previously buy $WBTC.
Who are the stakeholders in the TurinLabs ecosystem?
  • Users: people who use the company 's products, such as TurinWallet, TurinPool, or TurinPay.
  • Companies: clients who pay the company for services such as being tokenized and listed in TurinPool.
  • Merchants: companies who implement some of the company's products, like TurinPay.
  • LPs/Liquidity providers: holders who reinforce the protocol by adding liquidity (TURIN+WBTC) in the farming pool.
How can I lower my fees when using Turin Labs products?
By staking TURIN tokens and generating sTURIN, users can lower their fees and access more features.The more time TURIN tokens are locked in the staking contract, the more sTURIN is generated and the higher the user's staking level will be, resulting in lower fees.