TurinPay API test shop

Real e-commerce with demo products to test how the product works and you can be paid through a Bitcoin wallet like TurinWallet.

We've built an e-commerce for you to test how TurinPay works using Lightning Network (Bitcoin L2) for payment processing.

Disclaimer: you can use real BTC or test BTC, but we won't send the items you buy. So we suggest you try the shop with test BTC.

Test shop: https://coolblockers.turinpay.com/

  1. Download TurinWallet APP. There are several Bitcoin wallets, but TurinWallet is the only one with a "developer mode" and can use BTC testnet to pay, without having it in your wallet.

    • Download from Google Play here.

    • Download from Apple Store here.

  2. Signup. Once inside, select the "Developer mode" in Settings > Account.

3. We come back to Coolblockers shop. Select the product in LN testnet mode.

4. Click on "pay" and go to the Shopping cart.

5. Click on "pay with TurinPay". You need to pay next invoice with TurinWallet.

6. In TurinWallet APP, click on the flask icon, scan the invoice and pay it. As you are in Developer mode, you don't need to have by force test BTC in your wallet: the APP makes the actual payment with BTC test for you.

That's all! paying with TurinPay is ultrafast, simple and cheap (0.75%-4% total payment, in satoshis).

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