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Miguel Caballero - CEO. Global strategy & Tokenization
One of the most well-known guys in the spanish crypto ecosystem. Co-founder of Tutellus, Redpill Ventures, Reental, Nash21 and other crypto projects. Writer (2 books), investor and industry popularizer.
Javi Ortiz - CTO. He makes everything work
The guy who gets everything works. Sokar is Miguel’s techie partner in all the projects they contribute. He started coding in the mid 90’s, having survived to all changes and beeing always in the top-of-the-wave.
Fernando Ramos - CLO. Compliance & Regulation
Fernando is the founder of DPO & itlaw, a firm specialized in compliance and regulatory staff. Fernando is specialized in helping crypto companies with the UE regulations, and works in crypto since the beginning.
Roberto Díaz - Frontend Lead developer
Roberto has been living the crypto industry since 2013, working in some of the first projects (Bit2me), corporates (UST global) and launching his own project (Decentralists) about Web3 and NFTs.
Diego Pérez - Architect & Backend Lead developer.
Diego is the backender guy who builds the most solid infrastructure any metahuman, monkey or vampire could know. He is the most experienced member (30 years and recently in Banks infrastructure projects).
Rodrigo Gómez - Marketing Officer
Rodrigo has a degree in Architecture. But now, his main motivations are around digital business and digital marketing. Submerging himself in the world of web3 he created an NFT collection and has studied 2 bootcamps at Tutellus. One focused on web3 as a whole and another on tokenomics. Now, he is currently studying a master degree in digital marketing at ESIC.
Guille Pérez - Crypto developer
Samuel Guzmán - APP developer
Samuel is a developer with more than 10 years of experience in mobile and web applications, very comfortable working on the company tech stack. Samu is focused on mobile developments.
Carlos Roldán - Advisor. CEO at Elixir Games
Co-founder of TurinLabs, Carlos is one of the most recognized guys in the Lightning Network international ecosystem. Working around Bitcoin since 2015, he is the CEO of Satoshis Games.
Carlos Borlado - Advisor. COO at Elixir Games
Also co-founder of TurinLabs and Satoshi Games, our ‘other Carlos’ is the COO in the different projects they launch in SG. Carlos has also a doctorate in Phisics and get people work in the right direction.
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