Welcome & Team

Welcome to the Turin Labs public repo! Here you will find all the Biz & Tech public info we'll publish.
  • Miguel Caballero, CEO. Global strategy & Tokenization.
  • Javi Ortiz, CTO. He makes everything work.
  • Fernando Ramos, CLO. Compliance & Regulation.
  • Roberto Díaz, Frontend Lead developer.
  • Diego Pérez, Architect & Backend Lead developer.
  • Víctor Merino, Crypto developer & Tokenomics.
  • Guille Pérez, Crypto developer.
  • Samuel Guzmán, APP developer.
  • Juan Luis Francés, DevOps.
  • Carlos Roldán, Advisor. CEO Elixir Games.
  • Carlos Borlado, Advisor. COO Elixir Games.
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